Saturday June 14th , 2014

Featuring work by David Sun, Erin McNulty, Marin Orlosky-Randow, Marsha Parrilla/Danza Orgánica, Rozann Kraus, Heather Bryce, Six One Seven Dance Collective, Contrapose Dance, Moved Louder, Sofia Engelman, Kelley Donovan, Lauren Flammia, Kelsye Chevalier & Cassie Phillips

$15 General Admission, advance tickets online only! $20 at the door

purchase in advance for 25% discount at:

June 14th at 8:00pm

One night only!!

Third Life Studio, 33 Union Sq., Somerville, Ma

Free parking across the street at Citizens Bank

Third Life Studio is Air Conditioned!!!!

$20 General admission at the door    $12 Student/Seniors

 The Third Life Studio Choreographer Series is an informal performance.  The Series gives Boston area choreographers a venue to try out new work in an informal setting or to show more developed work. The intimate setting of Third Life Studios creates an opportunity for busy dance artists to see one each others work, to network and for audience members to see and meet established artist and up and coming dancers and choreographers they might not otherwise be exposed to.  The Series has presented over 60 Boston dance groups and choreographers from NYC, Vermont, Philadelphia and CT.

I am still trying to overcome an injury so I hope to be up to performing by then.  More soon!

Passing of a beloved teacher!

February 27, 2014

I found out a few days ago that Alan Danielson, an amazing teacher I studied with at the Limon Studio in NYC for the past few years passed away.  One of my dancers I met in his class told me had had a heart condition.  I dropped into his class whenever I was in NYC and he always remembered me and asked what I was working on.  He was a very sweet man.

When asked “What would you like to offer young dancers today?” His response was: “I would like to share my love for movement – what it feels like and what it projects to those who are watching. I would like to share my joy in working with music and creating with other dancers. I’d like to show them how dance is life, and how it communicates our existence as human beings.”

I will miss his class and his personality very much!

So this foot injury looks like it will take a while to heal so since i won’t be making any new dances for a while I thought I’d repost some New/Old Dances that most folks around town now would not have seen with a little info about the piece, I hope you enjoy!  Keep checking back as I will try to do this once or twice a week!

This dance, Fragile Connections, created in 1998 was a video collaboration with Judy Collins and Gene Preble, it premiered at Green St. Studios in April 1998.  The dance was performed by Stacey Carson, Michela Rudis, Jordana Alford, Nicole Lazo, Anne Schwartz and Anna Zammaripa.  The piece was performed to Automatic Writing by Robert Ashley.

Debra Cash reviewing for the Boston Globe said, “ In “Fragile Connections” mundane gstures don’t look mundane anymore. As the dancers lift their legs, the afterimage on the videoscreen flattens the gesture into a citrus-colored fan.”

If you want to see more now, you can see many more dances since 1986 here:

October 30, 2013

We had our second Third Life Series performance and I was well enough to perform!  Here is my solo

Another choreographer who I saw at Soul Sessions at Out of the Blue Gallery performed and brought this duet.  Her name is Wisty Andres, the title of the duet is “What I Thought Was You Was Me ” and it is a duet with Josh Borderlan with music by Travis Yee.


and we sold the dresses below!!!

8 Dresses for sale!

July 31, 2013

8 Dresses for a sale, matching motif with different necklines with long or short skirts

Blue bodice with black trim and black long or short skirts.  8 in all!



contact Kelley

call 617-388-3247

more photos

Here are some fun photos of the dancers involved

The intergenerational cast of “Polishing Stone”


The Seven dancers who performed “In Reverse”


and our youngest cast member and my assistant for the weekend: Derek Fox



May 15, 2013

Things have been very hectic this winter, I had some form of pneumonia from about Thanksgiving until late April, my mother passed away in March, it was a very bad winter, but things are looking up and the semester is almost finished and I am back to doing what I love!

The Video are several dancers I met when making a piece at Roger Williams in 2010 and one I met from the Third Life Series I’ve been producing.  They are Jane Leary, Michelle Birmingham, Jaclyn Serino and Erin McNulty.  They will all be performed at Third Life in other work on June 7th.

You can purchase tickets to the event here!


on a lighter note here is the funniest video I have ever seen!


We had a very interesting show on Friday, one of my favorite performances was a solo by Christina Belsinky called “Behavioral”



We got listed as a “Hot Ticket” on the brown paper tickets site

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Friday, May 3 I May Third Life Studio Choreographer Series   Great dance is an intimate expression of a dancer’s inner world. It’s a peak into mind, body and spirit expressed through physical movement. It is personal. And if done well, it connects to the audience in deep and meaningful ways.

Kelley Donovan & Dancers create dance that investigates the internal world of transformation and expresses the intimate self through movement— ranging from soft fluidity to athletic physicality. Exploring the gray area between the extremes of purely classical modern dance and theatrical narrative, this expression is rich with imagery, visceral connection and a transformative spirit.

and briefly mentioned by the Somerville Scout

Third Life Choreographer Series 8 p.m. $15 early / $20 at door. Third Life Studio, 33 Union Sq. The brainchild of veteran dancer Kelley Donovan, the Choreographer Series at Third Life Studio is the only regular happening of its kind in the Boston area: a monthly evening in which choreographers from all across the city come together to meet each other and display their work. Featuring such diverse talents as the Billy & Bobby McLain (aka the Wondertwins), classical Indian dancer Aparna Keshaviah and brazen modern-dance oddball Christina Belinsky, along with Donovan herself, this month’s showcase has something for everyone, and should be a blast even for newcomers to the dance world.

Ellyn Ruthstrom, a friend on mine is nominated as the Boston Pride marshal, please  vote for her here:

We had a very successful show last night, thanks to all who attended, here are some of the work that was shown, you can view all the videos on our YouTube Channel:

Betsy Miller, a Providence based choreographer

My Solo Changing Skin:

Tara McCrystal and dancers in SPUNKandCOmpany, choreography by Tara McCrystal


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