Kelley Donovan & Dancers new blog!

I moved down to NYC to make a new piece for the Boston ICA for October, I just contacted several dancers via the website, to see how many can make rehearsals on Saturdays.  I hope enough people will show up that I have a variety of talented people to choose from.  I am not sure how many to select.  I usually select more dancers than are needed because some folks will not be able to travel to Boston after our Sept. 25th premiere here in NYC.  Even if they may commit to do so now things happen and I usually loose a few before we actually get to Boston.  I usually go with whoever I think is really talented and then let the process shape who actually fits together and works well together and let the company organically form itself.  I like to see what will actually happen rather than trying to pick the company on the first day.  This process seems to have worked well for me in the past.  So far I only have a few people returning to work with me from past years.  This will be the 4th dance I’ve created in NYC!  I did one in 2006, 2008 and 2009.  I’ll tell you more about my living situation in the next post and the process of finding a dirt cheap sublet for the summer!


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