New Roommates

My new roomates

I have two adorable new roommates!  they keep changing their names so I call them little cat and big cat, the little cat is the alpha cat, the big one they call jumpy but after 10 days he is finally used to me.  they spend a lot of time on my bed in my room hanging out, they are very playful, sometimes too much and i have to kick them out of my room.

I found this sublet on craigslist, it was dirt cheap, and I had to do a lot of cleaning when I got here.  The occupant is teaching at skateboard camp.  but it was a room in NYC with a bed and air conditioner for under $600!  So I can deal with whatever i have to.  It is cheap enough to give me money to make this dance piece and that is what matters.  Meanwhile i am waiting to hear about jobs since I only have $$$ for  a few months to live.

Oh yes and I have two human roommates too, one is a jijitsu champion who isn’t around much, a very tall women and the other is a young woman who is very friendly and lives in the room with no windows, she is moving out at the end of the summer.