Allergic to my roomates?

I am allergic to my roomate

I am allergic to my roomate!  I have a huge red welt on my leg where he rubbed up against it.  I’ve had cats all my life but suddenly if they are on my bed like he is here, I am getting red itchy red welts all over my legs and arms.  As much as I hate it I have had to keep the cats (there are two) out of my room and off my bed, except tonight when a moth got in then they worked hard to get rid of it.  They are so cute and so loveable, I love playing with them, they are so affectionate.  They need a lot of attention and no one seems to be around to give them TLC and I like them a lot but I am scratching all over and it is a bummer!  It is wierd that this allergy started now at age 44??? has anyone ever experienced anything like this?