wierd subway events

Had some weird subway moments:  on my way on the (1) train to brooklyn the other night.  I was riding the train and all passengers but one man got off the train.  I usually try to avoid those kinds of situations, so I could see that he was slowly walking down toward my end of the car.  He came over near me about 3 seats away and said “can I hold your hand?”, i just shook my head no then he said “will you hold my hand?” I shook my head no, then we reached the stop and he got off the train.  Wierd, kinda sad really.  Later that same night another guy walked over and leaned over me, holding on to both poles on either side of me, basically in my face blocking any way for me to get up or move away.  He leans over and starts to tell me some story about a women getting robbed.  I just looked at him and said “I am not intersted, go stand back over there where you were!”  and he did.  Creepy, weird!