Latest Rehearsal footage

Here is the latest rehearsal footage, basically I had the dancers come up with phrases which are in my July 15th and 18th  posts, the phrase were based on a vocabulary that I have developed improvising in the studio over the past 10 years or so.  I keep developing and expanding it.  It is based on isolating different body parts, sometimes keeping one body part still and rotating the rest of the body around that place hold, it could be an arm, my head, a leg etc… sometimes it is using very contrasting qualities densely packed into a phrase, very sharp, then very suspended and slow for example.  I show all this work to the dancers then I give each a paragraph with images and movement directions and have them put the vocabulary and their own movement together in a way that feels organic to them.  Here are a couple of paragraphs given to these dancers:

1) Breath, recurring and repeating movements, a duet by yourself, sharp/melt, stillness, cause and effect, echoing, layers, history, memory, one body part replacing another, alternating qualities, underwater feeling.

2) Traveling side to side back and forth, changing directions every few steps, very fast sharp percussive gestures, with upper back arch, circularity representing continuous cycles, alternating with a tension and a sense of moving underwater, punctuated by deep lunges and moments of abrupt energy changes, suspended movement, at least 3 level changes and images of vulnerability, opening up the self and being seen, include a few movements so quick “you are not sure if it actually happened”

3) Strong in Abdominals, body parts fragmented, moving independent of one another, movement initiated from the core. Travel covering space side to side, two very sharp movements, alternating with a floating feeling.  Images of folding up and unfolding.

4) Moving side to side, floating as if being carried by water, rocking motif, not always slow, with a few contrasting sharp accents alternating with floating, use of momentum to initiate traveling.  Cover space traveling side to side.  Use of upper back arch and a sense of vulnerability.

I developed this approach back in 1995 when I injured the 2nd metatarsal joint in my left foot and could not even demonstrate a phrase.  I found the dancers worked out more organic movement that looked better when they performed it than when I just simply taught and demonstrated movement.  It opened up options for jumping and turns on the left foot that I could not do or now that I cannot demonstrate repeatedly without reinjuring that foot.  It works a bit better and also I find the dancers are more invested when some of the work is their creation as well.

We consolidated these phrase and came up with three phrases which we now need to edit down to one long phrase and perhaps one additional short phase.  The piece commission by World Music can only be 25 minutes so probably one long phrase is enough material to work with for a piece that length.

Here is the Megan, Laura Daniela Phrase

and the Lea-Kristin Phrase