Fresh Fruit and Feldman

My Performance in the Fresh Fruit Festival at the Lohman Gallery on Monday night, what did I do my back is so sore!  I was improvising as I almost always do in performance.  The music is one of my favorites “Triadic Memories” by Morton Feldman.  Feldman was  a colleague of John Cage, but more extreme than Cage is some ways.

In “Triadic Memories” chords are repeated three times, another, seven or eight times causing the listener to forget the reiterated chord and is a conscious attempt at formalizing a disorientation of memory.  Chords are repeated without any discernible pattern. In this irregularity there is a suggestion that what we hear is functional and directional but we soon realize that this is an illusion.  A similar development of a finite amount of movement material is explored in this work. Original phrases change into variations on variations creating a sense of impermanence of perception.

Here is the video, see the July 22nd for another improvisation to this piece!


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