I moved to Brooklyn!

Such a busy week!  I decided to leave my squalor sublet in upper manhattan on the first of the month, I got a really nice place right next door to Prospect Park!  A beautiful apt. with a really nice welcoming roomate and a fabulous bathtub ( a major priority for me!)  My last place had bed bugs within a week or so of settling in I was being eaten alive.  I thought I was allergic to the cats (see my post on July 18th) but the welts on my leg were bed bug bites.  So I had to toss almost everything I owned, luckily I did not bring much with me, I left most things in Boston!  I’ve been busy doing things like finding the local grocery store and the best coffee around.  This apt. is right across from a great coffee place, the laundry mat and the Subway, what more could I ask for?  I don’t have much furniture, someone on FreeCycle gave me a nice TV,if you have never used Freecycle it is great, it is a yahoogroup where folks post what they need and what they want to give away, I use it during all of my transitions. check here

If anyone in NYC out there has any other housewares, small pieces of furniture my room is small and I have a bookshelf a chair and a bedside table and could use anything that could be used for a desk ect..  The person I am renting from was nice enough to get me an AC so I am comfortable and happy now and glad not be anythings meal!

I got to go to Dixon Place last night and see Holly Hughes with Eva, here is her write up and blog link, she writes a lot of interesting stuff!

http://infinitebody.blogspot.com/ Eva YaaAsantewaa’s blog

rehearsals have been great, we combined all that material and made a 2 minute phrase which I think will be a 1.5 minute phrase which we will build all the material from, here it is!

The hardest part for me lately has been how cranky everyone on the subway is, I’ve been having some bad experiences, people just need to get a grip and not get so worked up!  I had a guy snap his fingers in my face today, because I coughed, so odd.


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