The Rover, The Rover send Kelley right over!!

So I finally checked out the Loft space called The Rover in SoHo, when I walked in the door folks were practicing their performance works, dolls were tossed across the room, guns were dragged across the floor, clothing was shed.  A wide open anything goes environment, no judgement just fun and exploration!  I had volunteered to tend the bar that night, to see the show for free and see the space.  We are performing there on Sept. 25-26 our brand new work entitled Age of Unraveling.  I’ve been bartending there at several events and making some welcome cash as well as enjoying seeing all the work that has been presented there!

We are also performing in a fundraiser on Sept. 19th at Peridance Center in their brand new studios located at 126 E. 13th St. on the first floor in studio three.  It is a beautiful big space and they have given us a good rental rate which will allow us to make some money to transport the dancers to Boston for the ICA show there.  Tickets are on Sale now!  Here is more info:


Three of Boston’s Leading Dance Companies

Kelley Donovan & Dancers with Caitlin Corbett Dance Company and Daniel McCusker Dance Projects

Performing World Premiere and Signature Repertory Pieces

Friday, October 1, 7:30pm  and  Saturday, October 2, 8pm

The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

100 Northern Ave., Boston

phone: 617-876-4275


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