Upcoming show at Peridance, the piece is almost finished!

The piece is almost done!  We pulled together the outline of the whole sequence of sections, it is currently 10 minutes too long, but that is good news so we can toss anything that isn’t the best material and keep only the best stuff.  I have a few things that repeat that I may take out, I am still deciding what to edit.  I’d rather edit than have to use everything.  I am actually amazed at the amount of material we have generated this past month.  I wish we had one more rehearsal than we actually do before our first performance on Sunday, but I always feel that way!

Our first show is  Sunday, September 19th at Peridance Center, Studio #3 (first floor) 6:30pm, call 617-388-3247 for reservations or e-mail kddcompany@yahoo.com for info.  We are doing a showing, and 4 of the dancers will be showing their work as well, the show will be about an hour in all.  We decided to do this so we could make a little income toward bus fare for the dancers to get to Boston, if everyone has 3 friends there we should have enough money for a round trip fare on the Chinatown bus.

We are also performing the peice at The Rover, 41 Wooster St. in SoHo on Sept. 25-26 at 7pm, I’ve been bartending there quite a bit this summer. It is a fun space with great people.  It will be a nice/sad way to end my time here in NYC.

Here are two of the original dancers doing the plain phrase we built the piece from and Meaghan is doing the “Turning version”

Meanwhile I am trying to get things set up for myself in Boston.  I started teaching a Monday night class in Cambridge, Massachusetts which will continue through the fall 8-9pm new session stars on the 25th of October. Folks can still drop in for a class if they want to for $15, see the “classes” link for info if you are interested.

When I go up to Boston to teach on Mondays I move some of my things back with each trip and look at apartments to sublet when I move back.   I am leaving my things at my friend Tim’s house for now and am hunting in Cambridge for a place to live for late September ideally so I won’t have to move while I am doing the show at the ICA.  I am really hoping to move in late September since our ICA show is October 1 & 2, I’d like to at least have a bed and a place of my own during the two day run of the show rather than still be looking for a place.

Right after the show at the ICA in Boston I have a few days to move, settle in and then I start a residency at Roger William University.  I am getting used to moving and jumping right into making the next piece, I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now and I like it better than waiting around to get going.

I am really excited about the residency at Roger Williams.  I have worked with a number of their Alumni in my company over the years and they were all excellent dancers!  I will be teaching modern classes everyday and rehearsing with the students a new piece they will perform in their December concert.  Sean Curran and one of their Alumni are also making work for this show.

So I have  a few days in NYC to make the sound score for our peice based on the video of last weeks rehearsal.   I have one rehearsal to test it out and then we show the piece on Sunday!  I go to Boston Monday to teach and find an apt., drop off some things and come back to NYC for two more shows at the Rover before I leave.  I can’t believe this summer has gone by so fast.

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