Working on the soundscore

I am procrastinating!  I have put together the video of the piece and now I need to put together the sound score. It  can be overwhelming because there are so many possible choices and combinations, but I managed to narrow down some of the choices on the bus ride back to NYC on Monday.

On  Monday afternoon I took the Chinatown bus to teach my Monday class, bring things back to Boston and Apt. hunt and took the 11pm bus back to NYC on Monday.  I was wide awake on the bus so while everyone around me slept I spent some quality time with my tiny (NEW) very portable, camera/video camera with footage of our last rehearsal and my ipod listening to sound clips I have downloaded comparing them to the footage in rehearsal to see what sound goes well with various sections of the piece.  Before I knew it 2 and a half hours had passed which made the ride feel much shorter.  I really like taking the late night bus, no traffic make the ride much shorter, they did not stop for a rest stop or food break so I made it back to New York City by 2:30am!  I got on the subway and had good luck with the trains and got back to Brooklyn by 3am!  Here is a section that reoccurs twice in the piece once as a duet and later with the whole group. Sophie and Aya doing parts of the plain phrase in cannon.

So in making the soundscore I mostly look at the sound energy level in the sound effects excerpts I use and compare that to the energy level the performers project and try to match them up so that the performers project just a little more energy than the sound that accompanies them.  I want the rhythmic qualities of the movement to be the dominant element and the sound score mostly to be secondary.


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