Rover in NYC this weekend, ICA in Boston next weekend!

So we have  a 30 minute dance right now and it needs to be 25 minutes so I have to edit things down before the show on Saturday, we have lots of time luckily  and it is always better to edit out the weaker moments and keep the bests material  and will have two performances for the dancers to gain confidence about the changes before we get to Boston.  The fundraiser performance of the piece went really well on Sunday.  We raised enough money for only 8 out of the 9 dancers to travel to Boston, one of them has a really small part so I had to tell here this week that only 8 can go, which is too bad.  Money is so tight right now and there just isn’t any for extras, plus housing folks.  One of my former dancers have generously offered to house most of the dancers, I can house the rest in my new place .  I’ll be moving back to Boston in less than a week!

Here is a little excerpt from our rehearsals at the Rover earlier this month.

So I went to Boston on Monday, I left at 2pm and taught my 8pm class.  I went to look at apartments right after class.  I usually move back to Boston in January a much better time to find a cheap sublet.  In October, the students have grabbed all the cheap apartments and I was feeling pretty discouraged after last week and seeing awful looking place this week.

One place was disgusting, it smelled really bad and a guy was in the bedroom w/out a bed just a lawn chair?  what the @#%&*%, it was so gross! Nothing else I looked at got much better.

I decided to crash at a good friends house at the last minute and follow up on a couple of leads on places on Tuesday.  I really wanted to find a place rather than wait until I teach next Monday and take a chance on not having a place when I get back to Boston.  I am so glad I did.

I looked at a few more places on Tuesdays and one place near River st. and Putnam was not really what I wanted and cost more than it was worth, but it was available, kind of far from the sq. and not in the area I prefer.   They wanted a lot of money up front and hesitated to take that place.  I told them I’d meet them later with the deposit if I decided to take it and continued to look at places.

I checked my e-mail and then went back online to look for more places and at the 11th hour before going to meet up with the River st. folks.   I am so glad I did.  I found a place that was in my favorite hood much cheaper and at 7pm I called them.

Luckily the realtor lived in the neighborhood and when I told him I had to head back to NYC that night he was willing to show it to me as soon as I could get there.  I went over and it was a nice place, newly renovated.  They didn’t get the renovations done in time for the students on Sept. 1st so I lucked out and I will be the first person to live in it!

I took the smaller slightly cheaper room only $450!!!!  The “smaller” room  is twice the size of the room I am currently staying in in Brooklyn!  Bigger than most of the room I’ve stayed in lately.  The kitchen in HUGE!  with  new black and white tile floors.  There is tons of hallways space in the common areas.  I could probably have rehearsals in our hallway the amount of space! I know if I can find/borrow some air mattresses a bunch of the dancers can stay with me overnight after the Oct. 1 show so that is a relief.  My pal has offered his air mattress so we are all set.

I went to the office filled out the paperwork and was on the bus back to NYC an hour later!  I am so excited because I could barely afford the place but I can do it and have a place to move to without having to couch surf or something when I get back to Boston.  I got home at 3am but it was worth it, just to know where I am headed next week.

So today I called Basic Furniture in Allston (they have the cheapest best quality beds for the price  in Boston if you ever need to know) where I got my bed earlier this year (I sold that one when I left) and they can deliver one and I can purchase it over the phone and have delivery whenever I can be there.  So by the time I do the show next week I may be all moved in.

Now I just have to collect my belonging from various friends houses when I return to Boston.  The wierd thing is that I left most of my stuff at a friends house nearby and when she moved suddenly over the summer she said she had brought my stuff with her but I just got word from her housemates that it is still sitting on their porch and they just wanted to know if I was going to come by and pick this stuff up in the near future.  I am so lucky that they know me (I lived there two years ago) and knew enough to contact me since she didn’t tell me she was leaving stuff there, I thought all my stuff was with her, not sure what condition state it has been left in since things have been exposed to the elements all summer.


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