Another Dance is done!

I wrote this in October:  I just finished an amazing residency at Roger Williams University!  It was an ideal situation for making a new piece.  I taught elementary, intermediate and advanced classes and created a ten minute dance work on 15 of the students.  These dancers were so amazing I finished the ten minute work in 4 rehearsals!!!  It was very collaborative.  I used some of the structures I’ve described below in earlier work.  They picked it up right away and did an amazing job.  They were really fun people as well, a very congenial group.   The dance program there is impressive, it is VERY rigorous and yet also extremely nurturing.  I think this is largely due to Gary Shore who runs an amazing program.  He is a lovely person and care so much about all his students.  I had such a great time.  Here is a link to video of one of the final rehearsals.

We also got reviews from Age of Unraveling which premiered earlier this month at the ICA we just finished.

“Kelley Donovan’s “Age of Unraveling’’ (premiere) is just that, an organic unraveling — and re-raveling — of explosive yet serpentine movement phrases.

A dance for 10 set to music by Punck, and others, it’s characterized by physical oxymorons. The vocabulary is at once raw and ragged, fluid and circular. The dancers never let their weight rest in one position for more than a nanosecond, it seems, so each shape not so much shifts as catapults into the next. Dancers join, split, enter, and exit in dizzying permutations.

In this world of strings let loose, themes flit by. A hand pulls out from the head, as if yanking a string. Backs stretched out flat curve into an old woman’s hunch. Donovan herself startles with her dexterity. A spiral initiated in her wrist turns her entire body inside out. The dancers’ endurance astonishes, but some editing would have added to the work’s emotional resonance. We need a chance to catch our breath.” The Boston Globe, Thea Singer

“Donovan delivered the most compelling performance in her premiere, Age of Unraveling. Her series of solos alternated with group sections, danced by nine other women. …Donovan moved with precision and elegance, turning and bending in an aureole of lyrical loveliness.” – Dance Magazine, October 2010

“Donovan’s program note described Age of Unraveling as exploring “transformation and the cycle of creation, destruction, and rebuilding.” Her own periodic writhing, meditative solos gave shape to a work in which the other eight dancers seemed to be exorcising memories and battling invisible opponents with flailing arms and heavy breathing, while a melody, complete with backbeat, tried to emerge. It all ended in a volley of fireworks — or was that artillery?” The Boston Phoenix, Jeffrey Gantz

All three reviewers had not reviewed us before or not for many years.  I see the wisdom in cultivating long term relationships with critics who see your work over many years and have a deeper understanding of it.

Some of our earlier reviews  really reflect the cultivation of  this kind of relationship with critics:

Boston Globe review of Made of Paper, February 2010, by Karen Campbell

The Boston Phoenix, Borrowed Bones, March 2009, by Marcia Siegel

Here is a great picture of the cast of Age of Unraveling right before we performed our last night!


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