Last show of the year!

The last show of the year is coming up, I’ll be showing a piece at the Dance Complex, Friday Dec. 17th and Saturday Dec. 18th, in  a Christmas themed show.  I’ve always had a fun experience, met great people and enjoyed the experience.  We are performing a duet to a piece of music from “Within & Between” which we created in 2009 for a show with Ensemble Warhol.

I met this week with the composer who is producing our next event in June of 2011, I’ll be holding auditions in the New Year for this piece.  We have a  budget for live music and costuming (such a rare opportunity!!!!)  so we will be having some brand new costumes made, it may be time for a new look!  I feel really lucky to have found a place to live that I can afford and be able to do mostly dance work and teaching to support myself.  This is really the first time that has been possible.  I’ve had a lot of help, so thanks to all who have supported the pieces I’ve made this year!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching the last few months about what comes after June.  I have time to figure that out.  I really enjoy going to NYC to make a piece in the fall and I hope I can do that again this year.  I also enjoyed going to colleges and teaching and choreographing on students so I really hope to be able to do more of that as well, where when and how that will happen I am not sure.