Fun things!

Fun things have popped up recently.  I have the opportunity to choreograph for a figure skater!  I’ve always watched it on TV and wondered how modern dance could translate onto skates.  A skater saw a performance I did around Xmas time in 2005 and remembered it and saw a recent show and got in touch with me.  We had our first session on the outdoor rink near Kendall sq. on a day that was 25 degrees!

It was fun and I actually got on the skates briefly.  I was a bit nervous about doing this because I had several classes starting the following week and didn’t want to risk getting hurt since I have never figure skated before.  I did fall once and discovered you cannot lean backward on figure skates or you fall straight back.   By the end I was able to skate forward and turn a little.  I do like to use upper back arches in my work so this may be difficult to incorporate.  I also expected that skaters stayed mostly in parallel position but actually they mostly skate in a turned out position, which I feel much more comfortable with.

Here is a clip of her fabulous skating, more soon as it develops.  She was improvising to show me what she does.

Our second session was in the studio where I taught her some of the vocabulary I have been developing.  It will be interesting to see how moving on skates changes the movement.

We have since tried some of my movement on the ice, more soon.


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