What is Stable Shifts, What is Solid Slips

We just started working on this new dance called, What is Stable Shifts, What is Solid Slips, a dance about decay, memory and transformation.  A short beginning of it will be shown on Friday April 8th at Third Life Studios, 33 Union Sq., we will also show and excerpt of Within & Between and I’ll perform a new solo to music by Sheila Chandra.

The final 30 minutes work will premiere with Ensemble Warhol at the Boston Center for the Arts, Roberts Studio Theater June 10-12th.  The whole evening will be performed to Live music!  We will be performing to Morton Feldman’s 1985 work For Bunita Markus, a solo piano work performed by pianist Barbara Lieurance.  We will have original costumes designed by Anna Zamarripa.

Friday April 8th, 8pm,  Third Life Studio, 33 Union Sq.,  Somerville
Free Parking available one block away in the Citizens Bank Parking lot
$20 General Admission, $12 for Student/Seniors/BDA or DAN members

Call (617) 388-3247 or kddcompany@yahoo.com for info. and reservations.

Folks are also welcome to come check out our Wednesday afternoon rehearsal just call me ahead of time 617-388-3247.   Here is a bit of footage, Lucy and Courtney on Wednesday 3/2.  Keep checking back every Friday for a new post, footage and news about the development of the work.

In other news:

When I checked my mailbox at UMass after being away for the fall semester I had all the usual junk mail ect. that had built up (I only teach there in the spring), I found a catalog for ordering educational dance videos with a variety of modern dance companies and other dance styles.  As I was looking through it to my surprise Kelley Donovan & Dancers is listed among them!!!

I  had no idea this was even out there.   It turns out it is an interview from The Spirit of Dance, a cable access talk show series that we (myself and two dancers from 1999) participated in, in April of ’99.   It was shown on CCTV here in Cambridge and several other cable stations around here.  It is produced by Ken Glazebrook who did a very nice job, he has made a few other dance films since and holds the copyrights for all.

Here is the listing if you want to check it out!

Kelley Donovan and Dancers
In this program, Kelley Donovan, Stacy Carson, and Anna Zamarripa discuss their Cambridge-based modern dance company and explore the goals they set for themselves. The DVD also includes performances of Donovan’s works.
DVD / 1999 / 60 min / #32TS6542 – $189.00
They show clips from  Fragile Connections (1998), Strange Attractor (1994) and A Midwife’s Tale (1998).

http://www.insight-media.com you have to search for it under my name or under modern dance company’s.

$189 seems like a lot to me!  do I get a percentage? Educational videos are expensive!  Come to my rehearsals you will LEARN more!

At some point I will include a clip from the show from 1999, the work is pretty old at this point.  It represents some of our best repertory of the first two years my company existed from 1997-1999.  It was taped in April of 1999.  I think we have come a long way since then, but it is nice to have something “historical” out there!

Lastly, a funny thing happened on the way home the other night, I was followed by a possum!  I was walking in Central Sq. in Cambridge, I crossed the Harvest Market Parking lot and saw this huge animal, the size of a beagle!

It had a dark body and a white face and looked like a giant rat.  As I walked quickly in the other direction he started to waddle slowly and follow me, I stopped not wanting to be followed home by this thing, another women coming up the street stopped and was as shocked as I was.  I looked up Possum online and realized they are not aggressive and he probably was enjoying the food near the grocery store.  Apparently lots of people see them in the city.  In Boston we have Possum!  Here is  a picture of one.


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