Getting ready for the show, come and join us

We are getting ready for the show, I hope you can join us!  e-mail to reserve a seat.
We will also have plenty of seats available at the door!
Kelley Donovan & Dancers present
What is Stable Shifts, What is Solid Slips (excerpt)


Friday, April 8th at 8:00pm
One night only!!

Third Life Studio, 33 Union Sq., Somerville

Parking available one block away in the Citizens Bank Parking lot after 5pm.
$20 General Admission, $12 for Student/Seniors/Dance-Action-Network Members! 

Call (617) 388-3247 or for info and reservations recommended.

Kelley Donovan & Dancers will present an excerpt from Within and Between (2009), as well as the very beginning of another new work What is Stable Shifts, What is Solid Slips exploring transformation.

What is Stable Shifts, What is Solid Slips is a thirty minute work that will premiere June 10-12th 2010 at the Roberts Studio Theater at the Boston Center for the Arts.
Donovan will also perform a new solo Vigilant to music by Sheila Chandra.
Guest Choreographers Include, Rebecca Midler, who will present  To Tell, a dance that aims to preserve the culture and stories of Holocaust survivors. Oh, beautiful is a duet exploring a romanticized sense of nationalism choreographed by Angie Hartley. Melissa Alexander will perform a solo Captivité representing the power of creativity and  defiance of confinement, rising to face challenges of self-expression.  

Here is one last clip:

Audience are also invited to attend Wednesday afternoon rehearsals to see the process of making the piece!

Just e-mail to let us know when you’d like to drop by.

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