Friday night show

Our show on Friday went really well, the performances were really strong!  I was able to try out a new costume by Anna Zamarripa (who danced with me 1997-1999) and it went well.  I ran the sound and videotaped from a table in the corner and then got up and danced!  It reminded me of being at The Rover in SoHo where I was bar tending, videotaping and performing, it was fun to multitask again!  It was fun just to see if I could do it all.  I didn’t make one mistake with the sound which was great because 3 of the dances I had never seen and we didn’t have  a tech rehearsal of any kind.  They just explained backstage what they wanted before the show.

Here is the video of our newest work What is Stable Shifts, What is Solid Slips, I think they did well for a first run thru, draft of a brand new piece, we are about halfway done and I am not sure if we will keep this exact sequence or not.   Anna Zamarripa is designing different costumes for us for June 10-12.


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