Turning Up/Down Trio

We created a fun trio based on the floor movement from last week.  I asked the dancers to keep rotating positions and alternating between the turning version of the phrase and the floor version and they came up with this.

In other good news I got accepted to the Summerstages Dance program as a choreography fellow for the month of July.  I’ll make a piece on their students and have some time to work with my own dancers as well as take some great dance classes!  All the work will be shown at the ICA at the end of July, so I will get to perform in that beautiful space again!

So I just submitted a proposal to perform in the Judson Church fall series in NYC, here is what I proposed.

In a World will explore transformation and the cycle of creation, destruction and rebuilding.  Through this project I would like to explore the question of how form can produce meaning as it develops.

When does the development of a vocabulary of material and transformation of movement echo a deeper more internal transformation and how do we demonstrate this in pure movement terms. I would like to explore a non-linear series of images that gather strength in its accumulation of details, gestures and exchanges of energy.

Working from a finite vocabulary of movement and concentrating on the development of this vocabulary we will explore a kind of visceral thread that runs throughout the work.  Spatial designs will be explored as the complexity of the dance unfolds, material will appear and reappear, be altered and transformed as the context changes and evolves.  

We will explore the gray area between the extremes of purely classical modern dance and theatrical imagery to create a purely movement based narrative, experienced viscerally and expressive of transformation.  

I would like to present a work with five dancers that would be at least 10-15 minutes in length performed to a sound collage of images and sound effects that I will create.

I have the hardest time writing these things, any thoughts feedback?  I submitted an excerpt from Age of Unraveling from last fall, Charlie Daniels did an amazing job on the video I will post it soon!


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