Pretty Unbelievable, do we artists live in a different universe from the average person?

This was really sad!  Even an artist who has had a really successful international career (a dream for all of us!) and lives in a country that actively supports the arts has to deal with right wing crazies!!!

Here is a video of modern dancer Margie Gillis defending arts funding in Canada.  It is pretty infuriating but important.  Let the station know how you feel about the interviewers’ behavior and ignorance as well!

A local dancer on facebook said:

People who place a money value on everything don’t know how to assess things of the spirit. They keep trying to put a dollar sign on a dance, a poem, and can’t because such things are priceless. When arts funding which essentially goes to help people create these priceless works, the people who only see value through money get pissed because it doesn’t compute for them.  – Karen Klein (well said I thought!)

View the interview here: (about :20 minutes)

Let the station know what you think about this here:

original blog entry


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