Run Through of show

We had our first rehearsal at Midway studios tonight, georgous space and the music (ALL LIVE!) for the weekend sounds incredible.  We brought in a dance floor and have lots of space, it is going to be a great show!  Here is a photo I accidentally took in rehearsal, (my camera has the ability to snap shots from video and I often do this by accident) but I kinda like this one!

On another note I found this blogger review from something called The Hub Review from the ICA Boston show last fall! I did not even know if was out there til a week or so ago.

Last weekend, the dance community assembled for what many hoped would be a break-out evening for the local scene: thanks to World Music/CRASHArts, three Boston-based choreographers – Caitlin Corbett, Daniel McCusker, and Kelley Donovan – got to strut their stuff in a program of premieres in a high-profile space, the ICA Theater.

With the arrival of Kelley Donovan and Dancers, however, the technical level of the evening jumped several notches – perhaps largely due to the presence onstage of the choreographer herself. Ms. Donovan is, as they say, a plus-size dancer – but then so was Mark Morris; and she, like Morris, is also a mysteriously great one. She brought a weirdly hypnotic (and quite erotic) power to the solos in her piece, Age of Unraveling, which made the sequences – often set to burbling sounds of electronic breakdown – strangely transfixing. And in general the dance, which was performed by an agile and committed crew of young women, was excitingly dynamic; but to be honest, it’s so dense that thematically it’s a bit of a blur, at least on first viewing. The piece is more about uncoiling than unraveling, I think – there’s a sexual drive to it that’s unmistakable. But it’s a little long, its goals seem obscure, and it doesn’t so much develop as repeat itself. Still, Ms. Donovan is the real thing; a genuine choreographic voice, with an obvious command of her own vocabulary. She could do great things. And at any rate, it was wonderful to see somebody in this program finally just dance, dammit. -Thomas Garvey, The Hub Review

Full review here:


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