Off to Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy

I got a choreographic fellowship at Summer Stages Dance at Concord Academy if you want to check it out.  I’ll be living out there, except for my Tuesday night class and coming into Boston to see shows at the ICA in Boston.

The first show looks interesting, a bunch of dancers who worked with Bill T Jones, Sean Curran, Alexandra Beller and many others will show work and talk about it.  It should be very informative. I’ll be there Sat. July 16th and they are also doing the same program Friday.

While I am there I can participate in the classes and workshops as well as get studio time.  I’ll be making a piece for the Choreographers Project Showcase at 3:30pm, Saturday July 30th at the Barbara Lee Theater at the Boston ICA so come check it out!  I hope to have time and internet service so I can post rehearsal excerpts on the blog regularly.  I’ve been down with a cold the past two weeks so I have not been very actively posting.

Here is a cut picture of the group from our last show!

Left to Right:  Nordica, Laura, Angela, Courtney, Lucy, Tiffany and Samantha.



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