Show last week at the ICA

So we finished our dance at Summer Stages in Concord and performed it at the ICA over a week ago.

Here is the link to the video:

or if you have any trouble with that link

try this one

The piece went well and we will be showing it again with 6 dancers instead of 10 in NYC on Saturday Sept. 17th. at PMT House of Dance, 69 West 14th Street, New York City, at 8pm.  You can purchase tickets here after August 17th.  We will also be showing our work from Midway Studios, I’ll do some solo work and we will have a guest choreographer.


It will be our first show in NYC since The Rover in Sept. 2010!  I am very excited to go back for 5 months and am starting my process of packing, selling stuff and finding a sublet for my time there.  It is always theraputic (and stressful) to go through my stuff and purge most of the things I don’t use daily and just hold onto the things that are most precious and functional in my life.  I’ve been in Boston for almost 11 months now, (the longest I’ve stayed anywhere since 2007!) but now I feel ready to move on, see my NYC friends and see lots of dance.  (as well as created some!) Here is the review of our ICA show:

Here is a cute photo of the dancers backstage getting ready to perform!


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