Tickets on Sale for our Sept. 17th show

I am in New York City looking for a place to live for the fall semester, selling all my furniture in Boston and enjoying a sublet in Brooklyn that I found through friends.  I am sharing the apt. with peaches a very cute cat!

Tickets have gone on sale for our September 17th showing!  We will have David Parker among others as a guest choreographer.  Many other choreographers volunteered for subsequent showings as well on Oct. 8th and Nov. 12th.

Here is the link to our first showing:

I had a lovely meeting today in Boston with the producers and other choreographers from the Across the Ages Dance Project, they are working with a filmmaker to document this amazing project.

Lastly I found this interesting quote, it makes me think about how we categorize dance as Abstract or Formal vs. more expressive and how it is not always so black and white.  I like that!

One of my biggest desires is to have people finally see that you can be at once conceptual and formal; that is what I’m trying to do. These two things are not polarities, they are converging in my dances. My work contains a fully embodied critique of the form—every second of it does.  – Tere O’Connor


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