Women’s Artist Salon

While in NYC last week, I got a chance to meet with the International Women’s artist Salon, a group I’ve been involved with for a few years, I found an apt. in Midwood and started to get a few things done for my show.  I still have to look at some spaces for class and I had to go back to Boston to beat the hurricane so I’d have time to pack and get some things done before moving.  I am selling everything I’ve accumlated to raise money to make this next piece.  Unfortunately the hurricane hit Boston on Sunday, the best selling day for my stuff so I hope I can still find people to buy things.  I’ve sold a lot already.  I am storing stuff at the houses of a couple of pals and won’t be going back and forth so much this time. Mostly staying in NY for most of the time, I’ll be commuting to RI to create work on students at Roger Williams so I may come back up once or twice to get a few things. I am excited to get down there and a bit anxious about the logistics of it all.  Lots to do. More later.

here is a photos of the Salon meeting:


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