Getting to NYC!!

okay I am going to try and catch up on a months worth of entries right here!

I got to NYC on Sept. 1st, when I arrived there was a hole in the roof of my room from the hurricane, right over the clothing and bags and stuff I had left there just before leaving.  I had a housesitting gig for the 3rd week in August, I looked at about 5 places that week and on Friday night, Aug. 26th, I heard they were closing the subways on Sat. at noon, I thought I’d be happier taking one of the places I looked at and heading back to Boston to pack that night since I had a lot of stuff I wanted to sell before moving and had not even started packing.

I went over the an apt. in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, after not hearing back from the others and decided to take that place, despite some renovations that were in progress.  Midwood is about half way down to Cony Island in the lower section of Brooklyn on the B/Q train lines.  I’ve lived in Flatbush a few times on that line and thought it would work well.  I had hoped to hear back from a dance writer who had a cheaper place in Bushwick but I did not hear from her so I took the place in Midwood.  I was glad to head back to Boston before the hurricane hit and glad to be sure I had a place for that last night in August.

I went back to Boston, packed up all my things, sold all but a few things on Craigs list and stored some things with a few friends.  I left on the Chinatown bus with the rest of my stuff, it took a while our bus was stuck on the Manhattan bridge. They closed a lane making it impossible for the bus to pass by the construction but with all the traffic behind us we could not go forward or back.  We were stuck on the bridge, almost to Manhattan but not quite.  The driver decided the only way off the bridge was to back up slowly inch by inch until he was far enough back to get on the other side of the bridge where both lanes were open.  It took about 25 minutes all together.  Cops cars kept stopping the find out why he was doing this and other cars kept going around and passing us in the left lane and going ahead and though the construction, so going backwards he had to avoid hitting other cars and stay straight enough to stay on the bridge!  He managed it and when he finally headed forwarded again all the passengers cheered!  I hopped in a car service and was to my new place within 20 minutes at about 12:20am.

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