Show at St. Marks

Saw this show at St. Marks a few weeks ago:

Maura Nguyen Donohue is a choreographer, educator, and artist based in New York City. I’m not coming back explores changing states and physical decay through processes of repetition, accumulation, evolution, and deconstruction. A clock ticks, bodies oscillate, shake, vibrate, jiggle, thrash, and collapse, while little red riding hood wanders through an eerie landscape at childhood’s end.

I really liked this piece, especially the use of an intergenerational cast since I will be doing that this spring with Dance Across the Ages

and I’ll be meeting with filmaker Deborah Greenhut tomorrow to do an intereview, here is the first documentary she did on the project, she has been filming at almost every rehearsal since I got to NYC in early September.

Here is what she did last year on the project

This week has been difficult most of my funds have gone to car rental expenses for a project in RI and I have not been able to see any shows for a few weeks, unless things are free or I can arrange to usher.  It makes me wonder why am I here?

I really want to see this show, but not sure I can afford it.


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