Finally having fun!

Saw some great dance during APAP, Doug Varone at the 92nd st. Y and Kyle Abraham and Kate Weare at the Joyce this week, I’ll be seeing Parsons Dance at the Joyce on Tuesday.  I have missed Boston and will be starting classes and bring our work there February 5th.  I’ll miss some part of being in NYC too!

Here is our next and last show in NYC!!!!

Kelley Donovan & Dancers present

Fractured Realm
a new work exploring creation, destruction and connection.

Friday, January 13th at  7:00pm (coming to Boston Feb. 5th!)

Guest Choreographers Bud Burdick & Malinda Ray Allen

Performers: Kelley Donovan & Dancers: Amy Larson, Jaclyn Fauci, Bud Burdick, Grace Lerner, Kristen Klein, Sylvana Tapia, Christina Chelette, Jordan Gehley and Maya Kite

Final New York City performance!!  New Venue!

Gibney Dance Center, 890 Broadway 5th floor, Studio one for directions

Donations, $20 General, $12 for Student/Seniors/Salon members  for tix:

Contact: or Call (617) 388-3247 for info.

See  for clips of rehearsal and the process of making this work.
Kelley Donovan & Dancers create dance that investigates the internal world of transformation and expresses the intimate self through movement, ranging from soft fluidity to athletic physicality.  With a  sequential use of the torso with abrupt energy changes and weight shifts, dancers physically explore the theme of impermanence by never letting their weight settle for two long in one shape and move with an restless urgency toward the next physical event.  A non-linear series of images and serpentine movement vocabulary gather strength in its accumulation of details, gestures and exchanges of energy.

Exploring the gray area between the extremes of purely classical modern dance and theatrical narrative, Donovan creates movement rich with imagery, experienced viscerally and expressive of transformation.


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