Very new beginnings of a new piece for June

I am starting work on a piece for Across the Ages Dance Project.  I had everyone create material in rehearsal with a vocabulary I have been developing improvising in the studio alone.  I taught them some movement and also gave them some written images.  This is how I start most pieces.  The cast is ages 5 years old to late 70s.  Here is the melding of 4 phrases created by Marci Mitler (one of the producers) Karen Klein, Ashley Jensen and Hannah Lopez.   I like the richness of the gestures as well as the fluidity of the movement.

The group is a blend of my students at UMass Boston, dancers from previous Dance Across the Ages productions, other students from various classes and dancers I worked with in Rhode Island last year plus folks who are new to Boston looking for audition opportunities.

Below is Ashley Jensen’s phrase by itself, then the melding of 3 other phrases with it.

Here is the phrase 4 people put together:

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