Fork in the Road! (Taken last November)

Every week while driving back to NYC from Rhode Island I always saw this sign and I think this is the perfect image for my life at that time. I have decided to stay in Boston for the next year or so, going back and forth has been exhausting and I just got a grant from the Mass Cultural Council so I can make some work here!

I took this from the dashboard of the car.  On one of the trips back I headed to Boston, but most times I go back to NYC.  We just finished the piece and it looks great, here is the best video below:

The drive 4 hours each way every Sunday for six weeks, was grueling, I’d leave at 10am and return around midnight, with a 2 hour rehearsal, but I love working with the Roger Williams students.  My last drive back to New Jersey to return the car at midnight I had an accident only 4 blocks from the rental car agency!  So  close, but I was just so tired I think.  I am so glad to be staying put for a while.


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