Choreographers as Producers

Along with granting individual artists (I am one of the 2012 Artist Grant Recipients), the Mass. Cultural Council has a blog called ArtSake that explores issues artists face:

The latest discussion is about a trend that more and more artists are becoming presenters (both of their own work and that of others’). They saw that I hold showcase performances at Third Life Studio, featuring different local choreographers and asked me to participating in the blog discussion, “Why did you decide to become an artist/presenter?”

I am working on a response, here is our next event:


When I returned from NYC at the beginning of 2012 I decided to host the Third Life Choreographer series for several reasons.  There are not many opportunities for choreographers in Boston to be presented.  Additionally there are almost no opportunities to workshop a new dance work in the area in front of a small audience on a regular basis.  After spending time in NYC and showing a lot of works in progress with Movement Research I felt this opportunity was really valuable and greatly improved the quality of my work.  I wanted to continue this process in Boston and I want to provide an opportunity for other dance artists to do this as well.
I’ve also been spending several months a year in NYC for the last several years and have felt increasingly disconnected from my dance colleagues here in Boston.  I often miss the one presentation they do each year when I am away and this was a chance to see others work and also for them to see what I have been working on.  It can be a bit isolating when you are just at work in a studio with your own company only and I need those connections for my own artistic growth and I hope other choreographers have benefited as well.  It also gives me a chance to network with other, meet dancers and musicians I would not otherwise see and form future collaborations with.
We are starting a Kickstarter campaign on July 11th and hope the arts community will support this endeavor by donating whatever they can.  All the proceeds will go to pay the choreographers who present the work each month.  We have presented the work of over 20 artists in 6 short months and would like to provide an opportunity for working artists to make a living doing what they love.  More information can be found at our blog

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