In NYC for 8 weeks!

So I decided after auditions went well in September and I was able to get housing for a couple of months, everything fell into place.  I kept my apt. in Boston so I can go back and forth when  have performances and commitments in Boston.  Sometimes having more to do than I can imagine getting done makes me accomplish more, lets hope that is the case.  Here is my solo performance at Third Life Choreographer series just before I left.  The next one is on October 19th, featuring work by Jillan Grunnah, Judith Wombwell/Deadfall Dance, Pradhuman Nayak, Courtney Wagner Meghan Riling, Margot Parsons and Kelley Donovan

I’ll be showing the NYC piece Dec. 1st @ 8pm at Green St. Studios, and the dancers are amazing, here is some of our latest rehearsal footage!

I took an amazing class at the Limon studio at Peridance with Alan Danielson and I am going to try to go weekly to their classes while I am here.  I am seeing Doug  Varone at the Joyce this weekend, both programs!

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