Upcoming Events

Saturday, December 1st Premiere of our new piece Entwined, an evening-length work exploring connection and interdependence. Buy tickets for Boston at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/290166

Entwined will have it’s world premiere at Green Street Studios in Cambridge Ma on December 1st and be performed for one night only at Gibney Dance Center on December 7th. make reservations for NYC here.

As the dancers entwine with, about and around one another the work explores our mutual interdependence and a material coexistence where everyone’s contribution is essential.  The work echoes the company’s collaborative process in which each dancers’ individual contribution is valued.  The cause and effect of small changes of consciousness, energy, visualizations in our interactions with others has a ripple effect which is abstractly expressed though movement.  As the complexity of the dance unfolds, material appears and reappears, is altered and transformed as the context changes and evolves.

The New York Times wrote “gorgeously fluid movement….vibrant, imaginative…with a rare feeling for stage space.”  The Boston Globe wroteShe is like a double helix in motion, constantly flipping perspective. She seems to reach out and coil inward at the same time, her body twisting and spiraling, arms curving forward and back with quick shifts of dynamics.  Dance Magazine said “Tempering strength with vulnerability, she can turn sharp edges into soft corners with sensuous fluidity.”  Marcia Seigel said ” The piece transcended the ordinary … Donovan’s movement, … is lush and lyrical. Few choreographers today have such a clear sense of space and continuity.  The company’s work has been chosen among the best of the year by The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Boston Phoenix among others. The New Yorker said, ” The Eastern-tinged movement is serpentine, always twisting back on itself in the solos for Donovan herself—a beautiful mover…comes into sharp focus.”


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