Entwined in NYC and Boston

We had a successful premiere of Entwined in Cambridge, Ma, Come see the piece at Gibney Dance Ctr. 890 Broadway, New York City, 5th floor, studio one.

NYC Entwined

An audience member in Boston said, “We enjoyed the performance very much. We have seen one of your longer works at the ICA, but I think that was a student performance and in any event we had no context for it–we had not seen your work before. Since then, we have seen short fragments only, so this was a treat. As always, you avoided kitsch, gimmicks, and sight gags (in other words, forced humor). When the dancers were on the floor, there seemed to be a good reason within the flow of the dance. The biggest issue for me in a dance that lasts more than a few minutes is coherence: regardless of what the dancers are doing now, the choreographer can have them do absolutely anything else in the next minute, so how do you make it all hang together in the absence of any externally imposed constraints? No choreographer has totally solved that problem, but some dances make more sense than others. Having seen this work just once, and not having much of an eye for dance, I nevertheless felt that you did nothing that broke the sense of coherence (avoiding gimmicks helps with that), that the transitions from soloist to small groups to the full company (in both directions) made sense, that the use of the floor made sense, and that the variations in intensity also made sense–the action would build to a climax and then back off to explore something else without seeming like a let-down or an exhaustion of ideas. And I always have great interest in seeing if the dancers are having fun–your dancers very obviously were.

In New York “Limbs and torsos bending, stretching, and spiraling like vines; tangled, complex shaping engendering intense moments of contact of the beautifully decentralized bodies where periphery is as important as the core; dancers bound to earth only to escape into accentuated swirls and jumps, embodying play between the particularity of a subjective gesture and the large, collective movements covering space. Inspiring evening!”   (a propos Entwined, Friday, December 7th in New York City) Marija Krtolica

see more feedback at Boston Flash Reviews a new site on Facebook where folks can write about performances they see in Boston.   http://www.facebook.com/groups/460148250695289/


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