Borrowed Bones Full piece finally online!!!

Finally I was able to put a video of Borrowed Bones up on YouTube.  Back when I made the piece you could not put longer pieces up here, so I could only post excepts, with my old computer I was unable to drag the video files directly from the DVD onto my laptop and upload.  I am not sure what changed but it has gotten easier to post all those old dances onto YouTube now. Maybe I have just gotten better at doing these things.  The last two years I have not had time to fool around with it.  I’ve been home with a cold for 3 weeks and I have a bit more time to experiment with this kind of thing.  Enjoy!  I will keep posting new things, on Fridays!

The is work was made in early 2009 and was named among the best pieces in 2009 by the New York Times and Boston Phoenix, here are some review links if you would like to read about it.

and  and

A funny thing to note about the Merce Cunningham Studio, they kept the floor squeaky clean!  So you can hear our feet squeak every time we turned.

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