Age of Unraveling and other dances!

I’ve been archiving all my old dances on DVD up on YouTube.  Already I am misplacing these DVDs and loosing discs from recent dances so now they are all up online, you can see all of them from the most recent to dances dating back to 1986 here

I’ll post some of the dances each week.  Here is Age of Unraveling created around the time I started this blog in 2010.  I got the opportunity to create a piece comissioned by World Music CrashArts.  They wanted it to be a shared program so I suggested Caitlin Corbett and Danny McCusker, the piece premiered in NYC where it was created in Sept. 2010 and in Boston on Oct. 1st.  I was working with the idea of changing paradigms and destruction, creation and rebuiliding.


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