New Old Dance Videos, while my foot heals!

So this foot injury looks like it will take a while to heal so since i won’t be making any new dances for a while I thought I’d repost some New/Old Dances that most folks around town now would not have seen with a little info about the piece, I hope you enjoy!  Keep checking back as I will try to do this once or twice a week!

This dance, Fragile Connections, created in 1998 was a video collaboration with Judy Collins and Gene Preble, it premiered at Green St. Studios in April 1998.  The dance was performed by Stacey Carson, Michela Rudis, Jordana Alford, Nicole Lazo, Anne Schwartz and Anna Zammaripa.  The piece was performed to Automatic Writing by Robert Ashley.

Debra Cash reviewing for the Boston Globe said, “ In “Fragile Connections” mundane gstures don’t look mundane anymore. As the dancers lift their legs, the afterimage on the videoscreen flattens the gesture into a citrus-colored fan.”

If you want to see more now, you can see many more dances since 1986 here:


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