Backlight Interview about the Third Life Choreographer Series

I participated in a wonderful interview series produced by Lumiarium dance, discussing the Third Life Choreographer Series coming up on Dec. 12th.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the minds of Boston’s movers and shakers? Our production go-to guy/technical advisor Russell sure did, and he presented us with a challenge at the end of 2013; to present a monthly web-series full of thought-provoking content and interviews from the local dance scene. To appease his curiosity and to share our findings with the world, Luminarium is proud to present BACKLIGHT!

Watch our 9th episode, interviewing local artist, doer, and thinker Kelley Donovan, Artistic Director of Kelley Donovan & Dancers, as she speaks about her work with the Third Life Choreographer Series, Green Street Studios Choreographer Residency and more. Then enjoy a glance at news and events coming up in the community!

Want us to answer your dance-related (or otherwise) questions? Have a great interview idea? Know of a show coming up that you want to see listed in our news segment? Follow and tweet us your questions and thoughts @BacklightBoston… You just might see your thoughts immortalized in a future episode!


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