August 9th, informal FREE showing 6pm

Happy August!
Just wanted to update you on some changes and events coming up this month!
Keep an eye on my blog, I plan to write a lot about the dance I am making and seeing!
I was able to get an apt. in Brooklyn and will be heading down there soon for most of the fall, back for a Third Life show or two.  I will be performing a solo at this event with the other folks, David Sun, Marsha Parilla, Kat Nasti and Callie Chapman Korn who have been part of the residency since the beginning of the year!  I plan to make a new piece while in NYC and will show some of the work from this residency in Boston when I come back to teach the spring semester at UMass in 2016.  Our tenative date is March 11-12, I will keep you posted.  I hope to see many of you before I go this week and if you are in NYC please let me know!
Third Life Choreographers’ dates are Sept. 25th and Dec. 12th, hope to see you there!
The Dance Complex
The I- ARE Pot Luck Showing and Pot Luck Feast
Sunday August 9   6pm- 8pm
Bring your eyes,  ears and edible items, welcome, too,  to a showing and chat with The Dance Complex’s I-ARE’s (Integrated Artists Residency Exchange) as they culminate their residencies with an open showing and dialogue…and food, too.
RSVP helps us plan, by Saturday, August 8 to
(if you’d like to bring a dish…include what, and the number of people you’re RSVPing for)
Here is a picture of the reality agent when we signed the lease, I think it was his first commission, I was lucky that he was new and did not waste my time showing me awful places but showed me two great apartments!  My new landlord was great, she left some furniture they did not need and also gave me a ride to get appliances etc… They are a great family with two cute kids downstairs.  The apt. is right on the Bushwick-BedStey line in Brooklyn.  Funny that the cabinets and kitchen floor are identical to my old place in Cambridge!
NY apt.
My first week in the new place I got the opportunity to perform at Dixon Place with the International Women’s Artist Salon, a group I have been involved with over the years!
Here is a video!

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