Seeking Dancers for Fall 2015 project to be performed in NYC

I am very excited to be back in NYC after 2 years in Boston.  We are seeking New York City based Dancers for Fall 2015 project to be performed in NYC and  tour to Boston.  Please send a resume and a description of your experience to, touring performances paid.

Sept. Auditions, fall- winter rehearsals for 2015-16 Season

Kelley Donovan & Dancers has a very collaborative process.  Our movement vocabulary involves a very sequential use of the torso with abrupt energy changes, isolation and weight shifts.   This would be a very collaboratively created work built to the dancers strengths as a group and individually and we will build the piece together.  We would premiere and evening length work in January and perform in Boston and NYC a few times this spring.  The work is an exploration of transformation through the body entitled “The Body Becomes the Messenger.” which was initially developed through the Intergrated Artist Residency program though the Dance Complex in Cambridge.

see our website

and our reviews to read more about our work.


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