The Body Becomes The Messenger

The Body Becomes the Messenger

Friday and Saturday, January 8-9th at 8:00pm

University Settlement,
184 Eldridge St. (at Rivington), New York, NY

$20. $12 for Student/Seniors or (617) 388-3247 for information.

Kelley Donovan & Dancers will present The Body Becomes the Messenger, an evening-length work exploring how the body informs our emotional, physical and spiritual lives.

Choreography by Kelley Donovan & Dancers:
Belinda Adam, Sarah Bolander, Sara Crane-Dedrick, Charles Dietrich, Chloe Goolsby, Marion Helfenstein, Sarah Kleinke, Julie Miller, Benedict Nguyen, Asja Parrish, Josephina Purpura, Jessie Sector, Lucia Travaglino and Allison Trotta

Through, gesture, body language, projection of energy, breath and muscular effort, The Body Becomes the Messenger plots the cause and effect of small changes of consciousness and energy in interactions with others.  As the complexity of the dance unfolds, material appears and reappears, is altered and transformed as the context changes and evolves.
In 2008 Donovan began to split her time between New York City and Boston.  After a prolonged illness and the death of her parents, she recounts, in this latest work, how health and well-being have informed her creative process, giving the viewer an abstract portrait of the body as an expression of transformation.

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The New York Times wrote “gorgeously fluid movement.vibrant, imaginative…with a rare feeling for stage space.”

The Boston Globe wrote ”She is like a double helix in motion, constantly flipping perspective. She seems to reach out and coil inward at the same time, her body twisting and spiraling, arms curving forward and back with quick shifts of dynamics. ”

Dance Magazine said “Tempering strength with vulnerability, she can turn sharp edges into soft corners with sensuous fluidity.”

The company’s work has been chosen among the best of the year by The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Boston Phoenix among others.

The New Yorker said, “The Eastern-tinged movement is serpentine, always twisting back on itself in the solos for Donovan herselfa beautiful movercomes into sharp focus.”IMG_0256


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