2017 Shows!

Our Upcoming shows!



At the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, 11th floor

January 20 at 9pm and January 21 at 8pm,

email for info or call 617-388-3247

Green Street Studios

February 24-25th, at 8pm

Kickstarter to support the dancers!

Shifting Earth, explores the effects of change that life can unexpectedly bring to the human experience. Like the harsh and sudden movements of the tectonic plates beneath earth’s surface, life shifts in unexpected ways that make us vulnerable to sudden loss and illness that rapidly forces us to undergo monumental shifts that change our paths forever, forcing us to adapt. Rapid change is brought to life onstage with great kinetic waves of motion, punctuated by moments of stillness. Dancers create sharp angles and slicing limbs that segue into liquid curves with startlingly ephemeral shifts of weight.

There is a continuous play with the space by building patterns that develop into a non-linear organic movement narrative to create a sudden feeling of trying to catch a fall, almost as if someone had pulled a rug out from under your feet. Before we catch ourselves it is as if we are floating in time, until we are able to adapt and move forward.

The Body Becomes The Messenger (2016), a dance that explores how the body informs our emotional, physical and spiritual lives.  Through the use of body language, gestures, and projection of energy through breath and muscular effort, providing a gateway for the viewer to observe an abstract portrait of the body in transformation. The Body Becomes the Messenger’s movement is sourced from deep places, its intention is to bring awareness to the strength of the body, its language and the power we each hold inside.


Tickets for January 20-21st at the Graham Center can be purchased here:



Tickets for Cambridge, Ma show can be purchased here.



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