Show at JACK in Brooklyn Jan. 5-6th

Kelley Donovan & Dancers present

Transitional State

January 5-6 at 8pm at

Jack, 505 ½ Waverly St. Brooklyn, NY  and

$20 Suggested Donation, $15 for Student/Seniors

Call (617) 388-3247 for information.

Transitional State marks a departure from Donovan’s usual abstract dance work.  It attempts to describe, through a nonlinear narrative, characters overwhelmed by life transitions leading to a state of emotional unraveling, expressed through the movement and laughter. Through mercurial weight shifts we will explore how these sudden shifts, optimistically force us to adapt.

The Body Becomes the Messenger (2016) attempts to show how our body thrives when all is integrated and in balance with the body, the information it holds and conveys and how this relates to our healing and the physical expression of consciousness.

Please consider donating to our Kickstarter Campaign to help pay the dancers when we travel to Boston March 16-17th.

If you cannot make it to our Jan. 5-6th show, consider coming to our fundraising party on January 13th (Jan. 20th snow date)  in Brooklyn.  We will show an excerpt from the piece, Belly Dance, Poetry by Perry Brass and the dancers will show some of the projects they have been choreographing.  We will have food, drink, music and a fun afternoon!  3:30-7pm.  Buy a tickets or donate here:

The company’s work has been chosen among the best of the year by The Boston Globe, The New York Times, among others. The New York Times wrote “gorgeously fluid movement….vibrant, imaginative…with a rare feeling for stage space.”  Dance Magazine said “Tempering strength with vulnerability, she can turn sharp edges into soft corners with sensuous fluidity.”

Marcia Siegel wrote about The Body Becomes the Messenger in ArtFuseI admire Donovan’s work. She’s making modern dance choreography that’s organically developed and personally expressive, and has a formal shape to it, a rare combination these days.”  The Dance Informa said, “Through intriguing and innovative choreography, sensitive and committed performances.…phrasework compellingly re-shifted and rearranged elements,… combined with the intelligently crafted choreography, it was a visual feast.”


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