Performance Party & Fundraiser, Silent Auction

If you missed our show last weekend due to the arctic bomb please come to our fundraiser in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon!
See new choreography by KD&D  dancers as well as an excerpt from our latest work “Transitional State”  Belly Dance by Lucia Travaglino, Poetry by Perry Brass.  We will have fun, food, music, a silent auction and a relaxing good time!

Kelley Donovan & Dancers present 

Performance Party & Fundraiser

January 13th 3:30-6:30pm

Salon 300 Brooklyn, NY   (J to Halsey, L train to Wilson) Address and info at the ticket link below

$25 VIP Donation, (includes a free gift!) if you cannot attend but want to contribute make a donation!  or donate to our kickstarter below.

$20 Donation $10 for Student/Seniors

Dancers: Allison Trotta, Bethany Logan, Coline Buencamino, Dot Armstrong, Emily Chamberlin, Gabbie Burgess,Gabriella Graziano-LoPresti, Jessica Lam, Lea Torelli, Liana Kleinman, Parker Grant, Sharayah Spruill, Zoe Warshaw

Party includes a Silent Auction

Dot will write a poem specifically for you, (would make an excellent valentines day gift!) for $35

Zoe will give you 3-5 hours of babysitting worth $75

Emily Chamberlin will give you a private Karate Lesson $35

Dot will give a private Yoga Session $75

Lea Torelli will give you a private Pilates Session $75

Bethany will give you a Personal Training Session $65

Emily will give you a private Salsa Lesson $35

Kelley will donate a free private dance lesson $50

Poet Perry Brass, will donate one of his books $30
Gabriella will teach a Childrens dance class (great for a kids birthday party!) $50

Call (617) 388-3247 for information.   Text if you would like to make a bid on one of the above items.

Transitional State describes, through a nonlinear narrative, characters overwhelmed by life transitions leading to a state of emotional unraveling, expressed through the movement and laughter. Through mercurial weight shifts we will explore how these sudden shifts, optimistically force us to adapt.

The company’s work has been chosen among the best of the year by The Boston Globe, The New York Times, among others. The New York Times wrote “gorgeously fluid movement….vibrant, imaginative…with a rare feeling for stage space.”  Dance Magazine said “Tempering strength with vulnerability, she can turn sharp edges into soft corners with sensuous fluidity.” 

Kelley Donovan & Dancers collaboratively create dance that investigates the mysterious world of internal transformation and expresses the intimate self through movement, ranging from soft fluidity to athletic physicality.  Blended gestures intermingle to explore a definition of strength that includes vulnerability. 

If you cannot attend but want to contribute purchase a VIP ticket at our ticket link or contribute to the Kickstarter link below!

We welcome your support to our Kickstarter Campagin which is currently underway. All proceeds go directly to the dancers!

2018 NY Fundraiser


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