A FREE Dance Salon Monday Night!

BCA Monday 6pm
Come join a free dance Salon Monday night!
Martha’s Artist Salon at the BCA
hosted by Kelley Donovan, Dir of Kelley Donovan & Dancers
Blending Movement Forms through the works of William Forsythe and Twyla Tharp
Monday, March 5, 2018 | 6:00–8:00 pm | Mills Gallery at BCA
Free Public Program
William Forsythe and Twyla Tharp bridged the divide between modern and ballet dance forms in their own ways. Twyla was the first modern choreographer to work with ballet companies. William Forsythe helped to create contemporary ballet as we experience it today. Explore the artistic arc of these groundbreaking artists in this interactive discussion led by Kelley Donovan, Director of Kelley Donovan & Dancers.
A community-led conversation, Martha’s Salon was created to encourage Boston-area dance artists, choreographers, educators and enthusiasts to come together to share knowledge about dance as it is practiced and presented around the world. In each session, a host offers a short workshop, lecture/demonstration or presentation identifying an idea or exemplar that demonstrates why the world of dance looks as does today.
Martha’s Salon is organized by Andrea Blesso Albuquerque, BCA and David Henry, ICA.

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