NEW! Thursday night Improvisation Class 7pm


We are starting a Stretch and Improvisational Dance Class via Zoom Thursday nights at 7pm.

In our Improvisation Dance Class we will follow what is organic and natural to our body, exploring motion with freedom, as we break in and out of dance forms led by our breath, inner rhythm and body. Classes are composed of an ongoing guided and intuitive flow of energy, momentum, physicality and curiosity. This process is dedicated to accessing our own movement and arriving at a place of body awareness, strengthening, flexibility and high energy. Open for anyone of all ages and abilities.  We will start the first week with a face dance, and a hand dance as well as some stretches to get us ready to start moving again.  This course is great if you have not been dancing much and want to jump back in or if you have never tried improvisation before and a bit nervous about it.  In zoom you can mute your video so no one will see you dance except your cat!  Why not give it a try!

Recommended Donation $15-$20 per class but please donate whatever you can afford! We care about your health and well being more than your money!

Please donate at: or

Only if you do not have paypal or venmo You can send a check to Kelley Donovan, 300 Columbia St., Cambridge, Ma 02141

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