Classes, Salon 300

Spring 2018

Salon 300, located on Columbia St. in Cambridge is a small studio space and the primary home of Kelley Donovan & Dancers’ classes.

Seeing the need for places where choreographers and artists can gather, show their work, and share ideas outside of formal commercial settings, Salon 300 serves the community in this tradition, as a place where these gatherings can happen.

Kelley Donovan & Dancers host The Salon Series at at Salon 300 in which Donovan and other artists presented their work – both sketches and completed pieces – to intimate audiences.

In May 2018 Kelley Donovan & Dancers will launched Salon 300, a diverse event series that includes film screenings, performances, dance parties, and all manner of happenings on Sunday evenings at 8pm. The program is in constant development, growing and being shaped by the people who attend, present, speak, perform, and play.

Please visit the calendar to learn more about upcoming events at Salon 300.



culminates in a showing hosted at Salon 300!!!

A Project of Kelley Donovan & Dancers, Salon 300 located near Inman Sq. Cambridge


and in Bushwick, Brooklyn and offers classes, workshops and performances:

Dance History with video and discussion of major choreographers and their contributions we will enhance your appreciation of dance as an exciting and ever changing performance art. Including the work of many 20th century choreographers/significant dance figures including: Isadora Duncan, Vaslav Nijinsky, George Balanchine, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, Doris Humprey, Merce Cunningham, Jose Limon, Katherine Dunham,  Enjoy some Dance History videos

Private dance instruction is a chance to work one on one to address dance technique, performance, stage presence, ask questions, address technical issues you have always wondered about.  This could also be an opportunity to workshop choreography, revise and develop something you have been working on or work on a piece you plan to perform.  The time is yours and can be used in whatever way is most useful!

Ideal for an aspiring dancers or a focused professional, individual attention will accelerate your growth to achieve or explore your goals.  Enjoy the luxury of  undivided attention to enhance your growth and expansion, to develop a program that suits your needs.

Creativity and art making is strength building for the spirit, coming together regularly, making art matters as it is an empty place to be vulnerable, sensitive, wise, kind, supportive and human. We dig deep in creative process, reflect on how we can show up more fully for one another- recognize our blind spots- and grow.

Contact ranging from $30-$39/hr. arranged by appointment, afternoons and evenings.  ($10 class card available for $280)

For more information contact:

Kelley Donovan


Payment by Check, Cash or Venmo


Class Descriptions (Must RSVP, space is very limited!):

Intermediate Creative Modern Dance will draw on elements from Limon, Cunningham, Release techniques incorporating the use of basic anatomical principles, to initiate, build, transform our bodies and minds for fully embodied movement.  In this class we will explore motion with freedom, as we break in and out of dance forms led by our breath and inner rhythm.The class will move through a warm up with an emphasis on alignment, physical mechanics, breath and gravity and reciprocity.  Moments of flow of energy, release, momentum, weight leading into phrase work, arriving at a place of body awareness, strengthening, flexibility and high energy.

During the second portion of the class we will learn choreographic structures designed to create a group dance.  We will explore structures to generate movement, edit and transform material, while empowering participants to find their unique choreographic voices.  Allowing the body’s innate intelligence to evolve into composition tasks we will strive to create a community with the common goal to connect to creativity as a life practice, informing our interests as a movement artists.  We will encourage students to collaborate, make choices and invent movement while learning methods and ideas that will be developed into fully formed cohesive group piece developed by the class.  All levels welcome, but students should have taken some technique classes in the past.

The Technique class is for adult dancers with a little or no experience and is a great place to start if you are coming back to dance or have never danced before and incorporates ideas from Limon and Cunningham techniques. The class will move through a warm up that builds strength and clarifies alignment principals followed by fluid phrases with an emphasis on performance quality, focus and presence. Participants will get a chance to create collaboratively and explore the basic elements of dance.

Performance Workshop will focus on a collaboratively created work of choreography over the six weeks.

Improvisational dance, following what is organic and natural to our body, exploring motion with freedom, as we break in and out of dance forms led by our breath, inner rhythm and body. Classes are composed of an ongoing guided and intuitive flow of energy, momentum, physicality and curiosity. This process is dedicated to accessing our own movement and arriving at a place of body awareness, strengthening, flexibility and high energy.

Choreography Workshop is for choreographers at all levels who are interested in exploring a variety of methods for creating dances with a focus on the craft and structure of making dances and an emphasis on learning how to craft a complete work from a finite amount of material.

Other events

Movement in the Moment series combines improvised video, ambient music, movement and sometimes spoken word.

Space is available for rental for small groups of 4 or less for $7/hour.

Kelley Donovan’s work has been named in the Top performances of the year by The New York Times, Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and The Boston Phoenix. She has performed work by Rozann Kraus, Liz Lerman and Ann Carlson and has taught dance at BCAE, MIT, Dance Complex and Umass Boston. Her choreography has been produced by World Music, MIT and The Cunningham Studio, Joyce SoHo, Movement Research and the 92nd St. Y in New York City. Kelley studied choreography with Mark Morris and Bessie Schönberg and other artists in Boston.