Modern Dance Documentary, The power of Dance, A Revolution in Dance led by Choreographers








Spring 2019 Dance 234 Modern II Syllabus link:

Phrase we are working on in Dance 234 from Strange Attractor, a solo
































































Modern Dance Choreographers:

Lois Fuller, first modern dancer!  The lighting and process of her creations!



































































Shen Wei, visual Artist and Choreographer from China

































































Here is a link to Martha Graham’s Appalachian Spring



























































Full biography



























































Paul Taylor’s Esplanade


























































clips about Doris Humphrey and Martha Graham










































































































Martha Graham’s A Dancers World




















































Katherine Dunham and Pearl Primus
























































































Merce Cunningham






















































































Here is the 3rd section of “Cry” by Alvin Ailey







































A Documentary on the creation of Mark Morris’  L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato


































A great article on Knee Pain here

There is an Excellent Documentary “Free to Dance” a history of African Americans in Modern Dance, Here is just a few excerpts it is 3 hours long.



















































































One of my favorite choreographers William Forsythe From a Classical Position, 3 parts






The Best Bob Fosse Documentary




Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes, excellent documentary on how he got his start in Paris!

Nijinki’s Afternoon of a Faun, performed by Nureyev






































































Process of re-creating “The Rite of Spring”










George Balanchine






Agnes DeMille






Paquita “Grand pas”






Here is a video of beginning modern dance class performing in the Spring Concert in 2005

This video was back in 2005 when digital video was a very new technology one of my students videotaped the show.

Phrase we are working on in Dance 234 from Strange Attractor, a solo

“Strange Attractor,” a solo set to original music by composer Michael Oster, is a snake charmer of a dance.  Motored by a pair of spiraling wrists, it is compendium of spirals and curves cut, now and then, by abrupt downward slices or hands slipping quietly across a belly.  There is something tremendously organic about its development:  the energy that begins in the dancers extremities comes full circle, powering her entire self.                                         – The Boston Globe
Kelley Donovan’s “Strange Attractor” was a lovely sensuous piece generated by the flick of the wrist…with fingers curling and uncurling, leading the arm, the head, the body about the space integrated into long line phrases that slice through the space, punctuated by moments of slow, luxuriousness and abrupt stillness.                                                                          – The Boston Herald



Modern Dance and  Performance/Improv Workshops

Dates TBA, e-mail for dates

taught by Kelley Donovan

Intermediate Modern Class

and Performance/Improv workshop

(students are encouraged to attend the technique class for warm up)

Sign up for one class or both! Pre-registration required.

send registration by filling out form below.

contact: 617-388-3247 OR

$95 per course

The Technique class is for dancers with a little experience and incorporates ideas from Limon, Cunningham and release techniques. The class will move through a warm up that builds strength and clarifies alignment principals followed by fluid phrases with an emphasis on performance quality, focus and presence.

Peformance/Improv class is a combination of choreography and improvisational structures to create a dance together collaboratively as a class.

Kelley Donovan has performed work by Liz Lerman and Ann Carlson and has taught dance at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, Summer Stages Dance, MIT, Springstep and currently teaches modern dance at UMass Boston, and Third Life Studio. Her choreography has been produced by World Music/Crasharts, MIT, Harvard and The Federal Reserve Bank in Boston and The Merce Cunningham Studio, Joyce SoHo and the 92nd St. Y in New York City.
(students are encouraged to attend the technique class for warm up)
Sign up for one class or both!

Pre-registration required.
$95.00 for whole session. (per  workshop)

Private Instruction also Available! contact

Print out this form to register:


To register for Modern Dance  mail this form and send $95 payment per class to:

Kelley Donovan
PO Box 391655
Cambridge, Ma 02139

I am registering for

Modern Dance Technique or Improvisation or both on Sundays.

_____Technique 1:30-2:30pm  ______ Performance/Improvisation 2:30-3:30pm

Name  —————————————    Telephone no.     ————————–

Address  ————————————    Email Address   —————————-


Kelley Donovan & Dancers are available for workshops, lecture demonstrations, master classes, and performances. Classes available include contemporary dance technique, dance composition, choreography, repertory, improvisation and ballet. Within the academic setting, Kelley Donovan is also available to choreograph original student works.
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