Video Conversion


What do you do with all those old VHS and audio cassette tapes that you used for old pieces/movies that are now obsolete?Get them converted to CDs, DVDs and the latest digital format for only $10 per hour of tape!

I am able to create DVDs and CDs and digital files for you of all your old videos and Audio Cassettes.  Pricing is kept low to enable you to get all these things done before tapes age beyond ability to convert them! Any footage can be converted, old home movies, dance events, family memories!

Pricing is by the hour $10 minimum.  Question, just call or email!cassette

Please forward this offer to all your friends who may find this service useful!

contact kelleydonovandance(AT) for more info.  Cambridge, MA and Brooklyn, NY locations.

call 617-388-3247. Afternoons and evenings.