So we performed the piece, the performance video is not ready yet but here is our last rehearsal, I think they did a great job in rehearsal that day.  We spent a little time improvising earlier in the day, practicing, presence and connection.  I think it really helped!  Here is our spacing rehearsal on April 24th:

Here is a performance video but my camera does not do very well in stage lighting so it is kind of dark:

After finishing a first section performed at Channel Dance and Third Life Choreographer Series we are moving on to develop this new work as part of the Dance Complex I/ARE

We started with this basic phrase for the first section:

for the next part we created this variation and will develop it further:

We put both together with our turning version of the first phrase here:

Rehearsals are held Fridays 3-5pm at The Dance Complex if you want to come watch.  (Ask at the front desk which studio we are in.)

Our first performance part of the Dance Complex I/ARE artist residency will be held at 7pm and 10pm on April 24-25th if you would like to come and see us.

I will also be dancing in a show in Cambridge on Sunday April 12th at 4pm, the dancers range ages 25-79 years of age!  That show is held at Green St. Studios, 185 Green St., Cambridge.

Channel Dance

February 16, 2015


Here is a little excerpt from our performance on Friday, unfortunately duet to the snow the dancers were unable to travel from Rhode Island to perform.  If you missed the dance you can see it again on February 27th at Third Life Studios.  Yes we have live music!!!!


Friday, February 27th @ 8pm

Featuring work by:

Kelley Donovan & Dancers, Jen Farrell, Adriane Brayton, Freedom Dances, Bryce Dance, Olivia Coombs, Bosoma 2 Dance Company, Kelly Engel, Catherine Wagner and Rowan Salem
25% discount on tickets purchased in advance only $15.00


$20 tickets at the door, $12 students, seniors
Third life Studio 33 Union Square, Somerville, MA
Free parking across the street at Citizens Bank

$20 General admission at the door $12 Student/Seniors

The Third Life Studio Choreographer Series is an informal performance.  The Series gives Boston area choreographers a venue to try out new work in an informal setting or to show more developed work. The intimate setting of Third Life Studios creates an opportunity for busy dance artists to see one each others work, to network and for audience members to see and meet established artist and up and coming dancers and choreographers they might not otherwise be exposed to.  The Series has presented over 60 Boston dance groups and choreographers from NYC, Vermont, Philadelphia and CT.


Help us to decide which costumes to wear for our new premiere of  “Sunday”  February 13-14 and 27th. Music by Mark Warhol.

Cast your vote until 2/11/15 here:

Come see the show to see which ones we decided on.

Tickets are sold out for Feb. 13-14 but you can see the piece at Third Life on Feb. 27th






A Start on a new piece!

January 25, 2015

Here is the main phrase we are building the whole work on, we have build a few variations on this phrase already!  The music for the new work is composed by Mark Warhol for solo Clarinet.  The new work is called “Sunday”


Seeking Dancers!

January 23, 2015

We just got a spot in the I/ARE Residency program at the Dance Complex so we are looking for dancers to join us, email me if you are interested.

We are meeting Friday afternoons and sometimes on Mondays afternoons.

So I have not worked on choreography on a group of dancers or any other dancers since June of 2013.  About a year and a half.  That is the longest amount of time between choreographed works since 1996 when I sustained a foot injury and before I started my dance company.

In 2013 two things happened.  I had some health issues that made the commitment to any regular rehearsal schedule very difficult, especially during the winter months.  My immune system was not doing well due to over use of antibiotics due to several dental infections. From 2007-2012 I did not have health or dental insurance and could not really afford to go to the dentist.  I would catch a cold which immediately turned into chronic bronchitis and often pneumonia. The treatment was usually more antibiotics which I realized was compromising my immune system. I am still in the process of restoring my health but things are much better.

I did not dance much in the fall of 2013 and developed Plantar Faciitis in my right foot.  Luckily I had health insurance and was able to get the physical therapy I needed and was able to start dancing in July of 2014.  Since then things have gotten much better.  Generally as long as I keep dancing I feel healthy.  A Choreography Residency at Green St. Studios during the month of November in 2014 was perfectly timed for helping me heal my body as well as create material for a new work to premiere in February.  Here is a recent video of that work.

Finally in 2012 it caught up with me and I had to have a root canal in one of my back teeth.  With my Mass Health I was able to get the root canal at the BU Dental school.  It took 3 visits 3 hours each, 9 hours total to get the work done and then several more visits to get a crown made but I got the work completed by 2014.  Yes it took 2 years.  Mostly because other wisdom teeth and other teeth kept getting infected and needing care.  Finally I have caught up on all of this and am seeing a regular dentist.  The dental school took too long and I did not want to wait to catch up on all of this.

In the meantime I have been in Boston for the last 2 years taking care of my health and trying to re balence the pro biotics in my system and maintain my health. I’ve learned a lot through the use of herbs, improving my diet how to maintain my health.

I was able to keep producing and curating the Third Life Choreographer Series, monthly through 2012 and 2013, but in 2014 I opted to produce the event every 3 months with a larger roster of choreographers.  The event sold out twice in 2014 and I will continue to produce this event 4-6 times a year as long as there is interest.  I enjoy presenting other artists and having my own work seen by a wider audience.  Our next event is on February 27th then on June 12th.

I think I will be ready in the next year to spend some more time making work in NYC and am really looking forward to it. I just visited NYC this past weekend to perform in a Salon event with Women in Motion.  It was the first time I felt I could dance with a sense of freedom and not worry about injury which was very liberating. I had fun seeing a performance, Draftwork, a free event, with two choreographers Lisa Kusanagi and Peggy Florin at St. Marks Church earlier in the day.  Even though it was a short trip it made me excited to spend more time there sometime soon.  Meanwhile I am getting ready to start my spring semester teaching at UMass Boston.

The other issue that really needed to change was the process of moving from sublet to sublet to make work in NYC and to come to Boston to teach at UMass each spring semester. I lived in over 20 different places from 2008-2012.

Thanks to a 2012 Artist Fellowship Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council I was to put a deposit down on an apartment in Cambridge and create a permanent home for myself which I plan to keep even if I spend time in NYC.  It is a 2 bedroom with an office that I have been able to turn into a 4 bdrm apartment so that I can come back to Boston at anytime and have a place to stay for whatever work I need to do here.

The other thing that happened in 2013 was the death of my mother Anne Donovan in March of 2013.  I needed to spend a bit more time with family.  Now I am feeling healthier and stronger and feel ready to make new work.

I will be making a dance for “Channal Dance” and event involving Fort Point Channal Artists produced by Contropose Dance.  The event is free and I will be creating a dance to music composed by Mark Warhol.  You can get a free reservation here.  There is a 4 tickets limit per person.

We will also show the new work as part of the Third Life Choreographer Series.  We received an INTEGRATED ARTIST RESIDENCY EXCHANGE (THE I-ARE) at The Dance Complex which will allow us to continue expanding this new work through the spring!

INTEGRATED ARTIST RESIDENCY EXCHANGE Artists are afforded studio space to further their own explorations. A key goal for a successful residency exchange is that the artist, The Dance Complex and the wider community benefits from the knowledge and practice of the other is. The artist/s will be asked to share outcomes of their work from their time while in residence with the community and the public through dialogue, performance or other means.

I will post updates here on our process, check back on Wednesdays each week to see how the work is progressing!




Seeking choreographers for an informal showing at Third Life Studios in Somerville on February 27th, 8pm

To Apply for Friday, February 27th 8pm please send:

–a short bio for the program

– number of dancers (preference will be given to group works over solos)

–a 2-3 sentence statement about the work you would like to present or your work in general,

–a jpg photo or two for series flyer with photography credits

–a YouTube link to your work or the specific piece you  would like to present,   (if I have not seen your work, always happy to attend a live performance!)

The Third Life Studio Choreographer Series is an informal performance.  The Series gives Boston area choreographers a venue to try out new work in an informal setting or to show more developed work. The intimate setting of Third Life Studios creates an opportunity for busy dance artists to see one each others work, to network and for audience members to see and meet established artist and up and coming dancers and choreographers they might not otherwise be exposed to.  The Series has presented over 60 Boston dance groups and choreographers from NYC, Vermont, Philadelphia and CT.

Tickets for Friday Show

December 12, 2014

Looks like attendance will be good for Friday’s show.  We may even sell out like we did last June!

Get your 25% discount tickets here until 3pm today!

Hope to see you there.

Enjoy video of our last show


Friday, December 12th , 2014

Featuring work by

Catherine Musinsky, Rachael Rosner Kelley Donovan, Wisty Andres, Ashly Jensen, Spunk and Company, Catherine Lenard, Jen Farrell, Olivier Besson and Chandra Cantor

$15 General Admission, advance tickets online only! $20 at the door

purchase in advance for 25% discount at

Friday, December 12th at 8:00pm

One night only!!

Third Life Studio, 33 Union Sq., Somerville, Ma

Free parking across the street at Citizens Bank

purchase tickets at links above for a 25% discount

$20 General admission at the door    $12 Student/Seniors

I participated in a wonderful interview series produced by Lumiarium dance, discussing the Third Life Choreographer Series coming up on Dec. 12th.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the minds of Boston’s movers and shakers? Our production go-to guy/technical advisor Russell sure did, and he presented us with a challenge at the end of 2013; to present a monthly web-series full of thought-provoking content and interviews from the local dance scene. To appease his curiosity and to share our findings with the world, Luminarium is proud to present BACKLIGHT!

Watch our 9th episode, interviewing local artist, doer, and thinker Kelley Donovan, Artistic Director of Kelley Donovan & Dancers, as she speaks about her work with the Third Life Choreographer Series, Green Street Studios Choreographer Residency and more. Then enjoy a glance at news and events coming up in the community!

Want us to answer your dance-related (or otherwise) questions? Have a great interview idea? Know of a show coming up that you want to see listed in our news segment? Follow and tweet us your questions and thoughts @BacklightBoston… You just might see your thoughts immortalized in a future episode!

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